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Warranty Policy

Gear Tech, Inc. warrants all work to be free from machining defects. Gear Tech does not produce its own materials, and therefore does not warrant the raw materials.  Every attempt is made by Gear Tech to purchase materials from reliable, quality conscious suppliers; however, we cannot guarantee the quality of the material.

Gear Tech, Inc produces machined parts to the customer’s specifications and prints or drawings, and therefore accepts no responsibility for the suitability of the item for the purpose the customer intends, and accepts no responsibility for any use of the part or consequent result. 

Gear Tech, Inc does assemble items for our customers from time to time and does warrant the assembly work to be free of error.  Any items which are required as part of the assembly that are not manufactured by Gear Tech, such as bearings, seals, are covered by their manufacturer and are not guaranteed or warranted by Gear Tech.

When Gear Tech, Inc repairs or replaces an item based upon the customer’s used items, Gear Tech does not warrant the work to be a correct and complete duplication of the customer’s used item when it was new.  Gear Tech will make its best effort to provide a usable product to the customer, but due to material wear and lack of original dimensions and specifications can only estimate the original and can only reproduce the item to our best guess.  The customer therefore accepts all responsibility for the application and use of these items and Gear Tech does not warrant or guarantee that the items will work as intended.  Gear Tech will not accept the items return if it fails to perform as needed.  The customer accepts all financial responsibility for the item as manufactured from the used part.   Gear Tech will work with the customer for an additional fee, to try to make the item usable for the customer, but does not guarantee success.

All warranted and guaranteed items as specified herein are returnable to Gear Tech, Inc after notice is given to Gear Tech of the problem.  The item shall be repaired or replaced at Gear Tech’s discretion.  No refund is available except at the discretion of Gear Tech, Inc. 

This written policy is the only policy Gear Tech, Inc provides.  No oral statements regarding warranty or guarantee will be recognized.