Gear Tech Mechanical, LLC

(North Division)

GTM North Division is an ASME certified field operation specializing in:

  • Pressure Vessel Repairs
  • Structural Steel Erections
  • Digester Repairs
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Evaporators
  • API-650 Tank Erection
  • API Tank Repairs
  • MS & SS Piping
  • Project Management

GTM North Division has experienced field supervision with engineering and design support

Our projects have included:

  • The B.P. Liberty (Extended Reach Drilling Rig for the North Slope)
  • The Portland Aerial Tram
  • Installation of Prototype Surface Collectors at Bonneville Dam with extensive underwater work.
  • Replacement of the Navigation Lock Gate at Ice Harbor Dam.  Gate sections were approx. 300 tons each, assembled on site and welded under strict schedule and dimentional constraints
  • Worked with DOE at Hanford Nuclear Reservation on Process Radioactive Sludge Tanks
  • Repaired U.S. Coast Guard Ships
  • Various Pulp and Paper Mill around the Northwest.

GTM North Division Welders are qualified under the ASME section IX Boiler Code to include SS overlay, Stick and Wire Feed.

Stan Cupp,  Professional Engineer

Dennis Vertz, Safety

Don Abbot, General Foreman

Jim Rhodes, Consultant

ASME Office, Yelm WA

Office Manager  TR Rhodes

Phone 360-458-5035

Fax:  360-458-5838


Port Townsend Office, Port Townsend, WA

Phone 360-385-6476

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